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Law References

When Required by laws

There are probably many more laws on the books than what is described below but this list gives you some information on a few common ones in our industry. 

Building Codes-

Building codes in the US have adopted the IBC/ICC codes for rules related to various building types. For Steel Buildings, The IBC refers to AISC 360 which in turn refers to AWS D1.1. The link below will open up the IBC that existed at the time of this writing. 


Bridges, Transportation

Each individual states Department of Transportation has rules and those rules may have specific requirements for testing such as who witnesses it, what tests are required etc.. But for the most part, the requirements will refer to an existing code or standard such as AWS D1.5 and AWS D1.1.  The link below will open up the Virginia Department of Transportations requirements. 

States have individual requirements> AWS D1.1/D1.5

Transmission Pipelines

Transmission pipelines are regulated by the Federal Government.  

49 CFR Subpart E 192.227  refers to existing codes such as API-1104 and ASME IX but for Low Stress Pipe, special rules are allowed. See 

Boiler and Pressure Vessels

In the US, each individual State has laws related to the installation and repair of boilers and pressure vessels. In most cases, the requirements for the qualification of welders will be governed by ASME Sec. IX which is referred to in the actual codes of construction and the National Board Inspection Code (Used for Repairs and Alterations). The link below will take you to the Law in the State of Tennessee. 

Tennessee Boiler Law

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