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Its a common term. We hear it everyday. It goes in one ear and out the other without consideration. But when I was a kid my Aunt Mary would often take us to the Library! That word was one that I could here as her and my parents talked in another room. It was a place to go read about whatever I wanted. The internet is like that now but many may discount it as a place to look at memes and videos of people getting injured by their own silly decisions.

As far as welding goes, there is a tremendous storehouse of knowledge out here. Sure, some of it may just be spreading welding wives tales but for the most part, its good stuff. Also, just because something is written in a textbook does not mean its t he absolute truth. I only consider One Book that way. Everything else is prone to errors. That includes what I am writing here.

As we learn more and more about a subject, we come across varying statements or “facts” about that subject. Then we must decide on whats correct. Then we must dig deeper. Well, the internet is DEEP if nothing else.

With online training it can be Instructor Motivated from a face to face scenario, instructor led from an online or blended environment, or it can be self taught.

I have seen instructors say things as simple as “go search for it on Google” or look at these videos. Yes, that can lead to some learning for some. Or it can be filed away in a students brain as “Lazy Teacher wants me to do this on my own”.

Or their may be a teacher/facilitator that says “Do a search on the internet regarding “weave beads” and “SMAW” and tell me what you think the best practice is”. THAT is using the internet! Then after all of the results are in. The facilitator reviews the findings, provides facts behind why some of these exist, and provides evidence to support his opinions.

There are many resources online from which to learn.

So there are some tremendous resources out there. Just look for them and use them if you are one of those people that want the trophies and know you have to work for em.

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