I have had a long time desire to create an online resource for welder training that allows instructor facilitated and peer motivated training. I have learned somewhat how to use many of the features of Moodle to create weldingclassroom.org.

Of course, as with many things, the time needed to develop something is often greater than expected. As of this writing, I have just barely outlined a few courses and am lacking considerably for any content. However, if anyone desires to get in a “look around” please fill out the attached form.

I have made this effort in the past and one or two people actually looked at the content and since it is somewhat limited, I am sure they have passed this off as incomplete. And they are correct. However, there may be someone with a desire to have a “non-public” area to ask questions, look at some content, and interact with an experienced welder who enjoys sharing info about the trade he has been in his entire life.

I am by no means a talented web developer and creating satisfactory and useful content is very time-consuming. So much of the content consists of external links. There are other types of content that are unique to a Learning Management System. If you are an instructor and interested in a “sandbox” to play in, please let me know and I can change your privileges.

Once you register, I will send you information on how to enroll. You must have a valid US phone number as I may contact you to talk about your welding interests to verify your not someone just wanting access for malicious purposes.


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