MS Access Database for Welder Qualification Tests

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MS ACCESS Database

The file attached to this page is for entering welder performance qualification record data and generating printed WPQR’s. There is no code checking and it is still in the development stages.  Please take a look at it if you have MS Access and let me know what you think. I will sell the current version for $25.00 which will include removal of the expiration date and removing the company name that is shown on the WPQR.

If you don’t have MS Access installed on your PC I suggest you purchase it if you think you would like to store information in an easy to sort and search manner. If you don’t want to do that, I can supply a packaged version with the FREE MS Access Runtime included. This will cost an additional $25.00 for my time or you can just download it yourself from

The $25.00 database will be in the MS Access .accde format and you will not be able to modify the forms or reports other than the data that is stored in them. Should you need something modified, contact me and I can give you a price.

This program has well over 100 hours of development time in it so I am not selling the unprotected version.  I am not in the business of sellling programs for a living and am more of a “shadetree” programmer with an interested in welding related programs.

Should you want something customized or with more features contact CSPEC or TWI.

If you would like to see the generated WPQR then click here.