RCAM Welding Classes

The Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing is offering two levels of welding to help meet the regional need of skilled labor.

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Class #1: May 30 – June 8      Class #2: June 12 – June 22 Class #3: August 14 – 24

Introduction to Welding (24 Hours)

This class is ideal for an individual trying to decide on a specific career or learning path related to welding and is interested in various welding processes prior to moving forward in the field. This course can also be useful for experienced individuals whom desire skills improvement with guided instruction.

∙Overview of 3 welding processes– Mig, Tig, Stick

∙Four hours of introductory training per process

∙Remaining course time may be individualized in the process(es) selected by the student

∙RCAM can provide necessary PPE to meet instructional needs i.e. welding hood & gloves

Corequisite: Long Pants + Closed Toed Leather Shoes (preferably steel toed)

Cost: $250 Student Enrollment Limit per Class: 10 maximum 8 minimum

Instructor Led Pipe Welding Lab (48 Hours)

Class: July 10 – August 3

This class is self-paced and is intended for individuals with existing welding skills that have successfully welded using the SMAW and/or GTAW process on carbon steel plate. Student progression will be strongly dependent upon existing skills and effort put forth during training.

Course Overview + Welding Safety Fillet Welded Pipe Skills Development
Equipment Operation Typical Preparation & Fit-up Requirements for
Existing Skills Assessment ASME/ANSI Piping
Plate & Pipe – GTAW/SMAW Open Root Skills Development
Overview of ASME & ANSI Pipe Welding Requirements 2”  NPS Pipe Welding Techniques All Positions
Fillet Welded Pipe Skills Development 6NPS Pipe Welding Techniques All Positions

Corequisite: Participants are responsible to provide personal welding apparel and PPE as required by the field. Ability to weld groove welds in plate in all positions meeting the requirements of industry accepted requirements is highly desirable.

Cost: $800 Student Enrollment Requirement: 8 minimum


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