Shipyard, Day 3

Morning- I haven’t done anything yet today as of right now and will add more to this later. Today is to consist of Safety Training and Orientation. We will find out more about what shift we will be on for welder testing and a few more details. I’m looking forward to it but also looking forward to Wed. night to go to Bible Study. The congregation at the Newport News Church of Christ is both friendly and conveniently located on the same road as the hotel. Thus reducing my having to drive in the “Big City”

Later- Well I made it through the safety training without opening my mouth too much. Huntington Ingalls Shipyard has one of the best safety records currently in the industry from what I understand. Their last fatality was 3 pipefitters working on a sewage system. My understanding was that they ignored red tags on a valve and opened a line they shouldn’t have. I know its hard, but if that’s the case, NOTHING can be done to prevent people set on avoiding rules and requirements. Shipyard safety is different than General Industry or Construction in many ways I’m sure. I have yet to read the OSHA standard for shipbuilding but intend to soon! One of the biggest differences is NO HOLE WATCH! which kinda blows my mind. But, there are LOTS of holes.

I am still looking forward to starting the welding testing. Aerotek is the company I am working through. We are not considered “contractors” but are “leased labor”. So we will work directly alongside Ingalls employees. I am excited about getting to work on ships again. Its where my “formative years” as a welder happened. Gotta get through the testing 1st though. Here is all I know about the testing from Aerotek.

The Welding School will administer tests for the following qualifications:
1. Welders Vision Test (5 Minutes)
2. Visual Inspection of Welds Level I (4 Hours)
3. Pre-heat and Interpass (1 hour)
4. Fire Watch CBT 2 hours)
5. Torch Safety test and practical (3 hours)
6. Welding Qualification tests for: 503, 502, 541, 725, 506, 659, 556, 650, 664 and 557 (Testing will run approximately 2½ weeks).
So we will see how it goes. Unless I am directed to not do so, I will share more of the details about the testing as it progresses. It may be secret stuff. Who knows.

Even later- We had a great lesson in Bible study at the Hampton Roads Church of Christ. The lesson was a comparison to “Sanctuary Cities” in the Old Ttestament to the Sanctuary we have in Jesus Christ. I also let one of the elders know to call on me if needed,e xcept for song leading. 🙂

Have a great day. More later maybe.

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